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Watch highlights from Maureen’s presentation at the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections:

Watch highlights from Maureen’s presentation at Disrupted! The Future of Work Virtual Summit:

Maureen Metcalf

Engage, Enlighten, and Empower 

Maureen Metcalf crafts and delivers presentations that are not only highly engaging and interactive but are also meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of your group. Serving as invaluable augmentations to leadership meetings and development programs, her presentations imbue your event with enriching educational value to catalyze meaningful learning and behavioral transformation.

Inspire, Innovate, and Strategize

Whether the goal is to invigorate your team, delve into the realms of innovative leadership paradigms, or forge groundbreaking strategies, Maureen’s bespoke presentations act as a conduit for powerful and transformative experiences for all attendees. Her adeptness at unraveling complex subject matter and her ability to provide practical insights ensures every participant is armed with newfound knowledge, conceptual frameworks, and implementable tools to enhance their leadership trajectories.

Invite Change, Embrace Evolution

If you want to provide an immersive learning environment that instigates change and propels leadership evolution, Maureen’s distinctive approach to presentations will significantly amplify the impact and outreach of your event. Witness the transformative power of Maureen’s insights by exploring her discussion about trust.

Sample Topics Include

  • Leading in the Age of AI
  • Building Innovative Leadership
  • Leading During Disruption
  • Building Resilience
  • Navigating VUCA
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Leadership Trends
  • Innovative Leadership Mindsets

Sample of  Presentations

Innovative Leadership In the Age of AI 
International Leadership Association Global Conference – 2023

Maureen and her digital twin discussed Leadership Qualities in the Age of AI 
Mason Leadership Conference – 2023

Negative and Positive VUCA – High-Impact Leadership
Company Meeting – 2023

Franklin University Summer Graduation – 2022

Circular Economy Leadership 
International Leadership Association Global Conference – 2022

Innovative Leadership for Health Care – Keynote 
International Leadership Association – Global Health Care Summit – 2021

Leadership Trends 2021
getWITit regional conference – 2020

Building Leadership Resilience
International Coaching Federation – 2020

Case Study for Virtual Learning Success
Virtual Collaboration Works Global Conference – 2020



Maureen Metcalf has the extraordinary ability to translate leadership principles and scholarship into meaningful and effective practice. The breadth and depth of her knowledge and experience regarding leadership and management is truly impressive, yet she has a down-to-earth, relatable, and authentic personal style that connects with everyone. Maureen brings 100% to every challenge and opportunity; she is an inspirational leader.  — Neil E. Grunberg, Ph.D., Director of Leadership Research & Development, Professor of Military & Emergency Medicine, Professor of Medical & Clinical Psychology, Professor of Neuroscience, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

“The keynote speaker of the am session, Maureen, was absolutely phenomenal. Her presentation skills and tone were very engaging. The content was also something new to me. I think many times leaders focus on their teams/tasks at hand, but forget about self-care. There was a fantastic quote in the am session, “If we are the people making an impact, but when we are not at our best, we are not helping the people that rely on us.”


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