“Maureen Metcalf is patient, principled, has a deep understanding of leadership in general and especially within healthcare. She conveys her knowledge in a very comfortable, professional, and inspirational manner that helps one be engaged and connected. I would recommend Maureen to anyone looking to improve their leadership skills, grow professionally both at the individual level as well as the institutional level.” Dukagjin M. Blakaj, M.D. Ph.D., Associate Professor, Associate Director of Clinical Operations, Department of Radiation Oncology, The James, The Ohio State University, Comprehensive Cancer Center.

The keynote speaker of the am session, Maureen, was absolutely phenomenal. Her presentation skills and tone were very engaging. The content was also something new to me. I think many times leaders focus on their teams/tasks at hand, but forget about self-care. There was a fantastic quote in the am session, “If we are the people making an impact, but when we are not at our best, we are not helping the people that rely on us.”

“It was a great experience. Maureen was passionate and spoke to the audience in a way that they could relate – she moved them to consider how current trends impact their need to stay current as leaders. The left inspired and with customized action plans that will take their leadership to the next level so they can continue to impact the world. getWITit Board Member”

“The most beneficial part of the conference: Maureen Metcalf – her presentations were excellent, engaging & insightful.

EVERYONE was excited and inspired after your session. I have received nothing but positive feedback. The only concern was that the session had to end 😊 That is a good problem to have. Alyncia M. Bowen, Ph.D.Dean of The Ross College of Business, Faculty Fellow, Executive Director, Franklin University Leadership Center

“The specialized content Maureen prepared and presented was extremely well-received as evidenced through many positive comments we have heard following your appearance, Ohio Department of Public Safety”

“Maureen Metcalf presented at a recent West Michigan PMI Dinner as the Keynote speaker. She was outstanding. She captivated the audience with her terrific insight and examples. Innovation Leadership was the focus and the results were a great evening. The audience left full of ideas and practical knowledge to improve their teams performance. I would recommend Maureen for any organization looking to be challenged and educated on Innovation, and also have a few laughs. Very professional and first-rate.” Mark F. Tierney

“Maureen Metcalf is a Forbes leadership coach with a suitcase of credentials. She is in high demand nationally and internationally, and I felt honored when she agreed to present to the ICF Columbus on “Coaching Resilience in Individuals”. Her presentation style and her slides were excellent. She received top-notch evaluations. This is not surprising. She has more than 30 years of coaching experience and has published numerous articles including a series of books on leadership.” ICF Columbus Ohio, Program Manager

“Nice job at the meeting! I think you really got people thinking about leadership in a new way, and that’s always a great outcome for our meetings.” Vistage Group

“Maureen was knowledgeable and very accessible. The group discussion created great insight. It will be very useful in my work. International Enneagram Conference”

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