Innovating Leadership: C0-Creating Our Future

The world is experiencing an exponential increase in the pace of change, and there are no signs of it slowing down. As a result, leadership is evolving, demanding more innovative leaders to keep up with the times. Many leaders adapt what they lead but not how they think and act as leaders, causing them to become outdated. This is crucial because leadership can create a strategic advantage or negatively impact a company and its stakeholders.

I created this show to offer actionable insights for busy leaders when reading and staying current has become increasingly challenging due to the sheer volume of information we need to process. By sharing conversations with leading thinkers from various disciplines that affect leadership, I aim to provide listeners with tangible actions and thought-provoking ideas that expand their perspectives.

Hosting this show is an incredible experience! I engage with some of the brightest and most accomplished individuals in their respective fields and share their insights with our audience. Best of all, we provide these podcasts free of charge, making them accessible to anyone worldwide, regardless of their financial resources. I aim to elevate leadership quality globally and create a more prosperous and equitable future for all. These podcasts make that possible, thanks to the collaboration of hundreds of generous guests who share their wisdom.

Our show features interviews with global business executives, thought leaders, and academics from various industries, discussing their most pressing issues and the innovative approaches they use to transform challenges into opportunities and advantages. They share their experiences in applying a combination of proven concepts and tools and the latest and most innovative thinking to build their organizations and deliver sustainable business growth and significant stakeholder impact.

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