Innovative Leadership Books

One avenue to make the Innovative Leadership models and tools accessible is through books and workbooks. We just released our tenth book, Innovative Leadership for Health Care! My co-authors and I are excited that we could write a book during the pandemic focused on improving health care. We are deeply grateful for the work of so many dedicated people, working tirelessly in dangerous conditions to care for patients and their families. We hope this book helps improve your lives!

The International Award-winning Innovative Leadership Fieldbook and workbook series create an integrated leadership development system from college student through executive. They are leading texts for executives, managers, and individual contributors, providing a combination of well-researched theory with practical business case studies. I wrote each book and workbook in conjunction with experts in their fields.

I write regularly for and other publications, publish an annual trends article, discuss innovative leadership ideas, and apply frameworks to help leaders with current issues such as leading during disruptive times.


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